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La chronique de Giuseppe de Martino.

Hey, comme je révise mon anglais avant de m'envoler pour NY pour une semaine, j'ai demandé à mes amis de Dailymotion de me sélectionner les vidéos qui marchent là bas: du US weeklymotion quoi ! Mes commentaires sont anglais pour faire genre aussi.

Chris Brown on Larry King:

Hands-down, most popular video this week:

People are really obsessed with this Chris Brown story. Most of the videos about him have high views, but this particular one was the highest. It was featured on TMZ, RollingStone, Media Takeout and Eonline. Do you know them ?


This kind of content is HUGE in the US; every video they upload is a hit. No comment.



This is a video that just keeps chugging out views - it peaked back in March but was ranked high on the most viewed list this week - it continues to be embedded on popular blogs. Just last week it looks like it was on Chicagoist (hipster city news in Chicago). Its resurgence in popularity could also be because there was another big Mario hit this week, but could effect searches... This is a great example of amazing creative content work - and the undeniable appeal of anything Mario on the internet. (the other Mario hit this week)

GagFilms: Marshmallow:

Another content video video that's pretty popular. It's a couple of weeks old, but continues to get views...

Boom Boom Pope:

Boom Boom Pope is from National Lampoon - it's a parody of Black Eyed Peas' Boom Boom Pow.  National Lampoon is a respected comedy brand in the US, and the video is funny. This one is especially interesting because it sparked a comment war over Catholicism. Could you guys do a French version with your Johnny Halliday?

Calvin Harris:

This pair of videos were popular these last weeks - the commenters hate the song, but love the girls in bikinis...Typical!


Giuseppe de Martino

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